This is the home forum for those Called Out. This means those who are called out of man’s institutions (e.g churches, denominations, sects, and cults) and systems (e.g. Christianity and all other religions) and into the Kingdom of Heaven1.

Here, members of the Kingdom of Heaven can join in unity and fellowship, learn and grow spiritually, develop your Gifts, discover more about what G-d has written in His Book with Your Name on it, and encourage and build each other up in our Holy Calling as well as assist and supply for those in need2.

Which is the reason this is a forum for those Called Out. Occasional topics will be posted, and you may discuss and interact with each other in the comments section below them. G-d willing, we will also have a forum on a dependable and honest social network sometime in the future where, as Kim Clement used to chant, “I’m somewhere, in the future, and I look much better than I look right now,” then he would flip that around and chant, “You’re somewhere in the future, and you look much better than you look right now!”

So, be of Good Courage and filled with Believing and Trust in our Moshiach (Messiah) and Cohen Gadol (High Priest)3. May His Shalom (Peace), which He gives and not as the world gives, be to all of us who Believe4.

James A Capers


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4 John 14:27


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